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Since its inception in 1944 General Methods has been a "low key" company and one of Central Illinois best kept secrets.  General Methods (GEMCO) has gone through many changes over the years adapting to changing technologies.  General Methods is a perfect example of a company that believes in "finding a need or a niche and filling it".  
GEMCO has merged a wealth of experience and skill into a company that would earn its remarkable reputation for producing leading quality control test equipment for the packaging industry.  Ken Brackett (President) operates the business with a quality foundation of unwavering ethics and quality workmanship




  GEMCO recognized a basic need in all sealed packaging and created and implemented the technical concept of Seal Integrity Verification.  GEMCO found a new "niche"  when they realized that its customers needed a way to solve package life problems.  GEMCO  offers a variety of standard test equipment to verify the integrity of the seam seat of over wrapped or bagged/boxed products where seal integrity is essential.

Features of these test devices include: 

  Non destructive test
  Repeatable accuracy
  Fast test cycle results (seconds)
  UPC Bar Code recognition of the product being tested for instant change over of products being tested and accuracy of test report data in a production line environment
  Auto test cycle with test results data for down loading and end of shift, day, work, etc. analysis.
  Some bust test options allow either a non destructive test to check seal strength against pre-established requirements for case pack handling forces and destructive test to ensure seal strength is user friendly
  In line automated testing system which recognizes product being tested by bar code, removes product from production lines with package line speed up to 250 per minute, test the integrity of the seal and places the packages that "pass" back onto the line.  If a package "fails" it is removed from the production line and placed in storage rack allowing timely review by quality assurance or production personnel.
  The system operates without any personnel involvement in the test cycle and all test date results can be viewed on a touch screen at the line or down loaded into the data highway of production data at a general control center. 

GEMCO also created the High Altitude Shipping Simulator (HASS)  used in shipping packages in high altitudes.  Some of these machines are located in China.  The Tensile Test Unit is a new product used in the packaging industry.  The Pouch Seal Verification Unit tests multiple products.  The new Snack Bar Tester has proved to be a highly desirable product in the packaging industry. .  There is an Automatic SIV which will be an inline production piece of equipment is in design and will be coming soon. 


Links to Customers using GEMCO equipment

Links to GEMCO applications  at our customers' sites are very rare. Can we blame them if they don't want all their competitors to have such great technology?

We are always delighted to discover wider applications for seal verification and are anxious to have you contact us. Let us show you how easy it is to get real data on the seal qualities of your items. With this data, you will make amazingly rapid improvements in quality, customer acceptance and satisfaction. We can show you how the initial lab data feeds a quality control program.

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