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 SIVIII  (Seal Integrity Verification)

Why Verify?

Defective seals cause consumer complaints and product rejection in food packaging. In electronic packaging, defective seals cause early failure and may be safety related. In medical packaging, biological contamination is to be avoided. In most applications the seal must be strong enough to hold but gentle enough to allow easy access. Balancing these factors in a manufacturing environment requires tracking by the numbers. Seal verification provides the numbers and mostly by non-destructive testing.

Do you now know exactly:

   what percent of the seals are effectively sealed?
   what is the peel strength of the seal?
   what dwell time and sealer jaw temperature gives these results?
   what seal strength range is the package capable of providing?
   what is the burst pressure of the package?
   how does the burst pressure compare to the peel strength?
   how does the leak rate compare with the dwell and temperature?
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