General Methods Corporation  (GEMCO)
Morton, IL 61550  

Licensed and Bonded




   The Non-destructive Pouch Leak Detect Unit is used to test cereal bar and snack bars.

This unit runs on air pressure no electronics.

The test cycle time is controlled with a pneumatic time delay valve. Up to eight bars can be tested per test cycle approximately 10 seconds per cycle. The specially designed tray can be slid out of the test chamber to easily load the bars to be tested. The theory is that during the vacuum test cycle, the bars that expand enough to open the tray doors pass the seal test.  The bars that have a bad seal will simply exchange pressure and the tray door will remain shut. There is a plate that can be adjusted in each of the 8 test positions in the tray to allow for different thickness of the bars. This is a visual test, no data is recorded.

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